Thursday, June 1, 2017

Liz says good bye to the guild blog

Good morning!

I just want to let you know that this is the last post of this blog in its current form.  As the creator, writer and photographer since its inception five years ago, it's now time for me to step away, since my own priorities need changes in my commitments.

It's been fun, very much appreciated, that's always nice, and I will not delete anything.  I've loved celebrating our chapter and activities and the wonderful members and their work, so I will leave this in place. This link will still work, you will still be able to scroll back as far as you want to read and enjoy.

What I'm hoping is that another chapter member will try her hand at it, and I'm willing to sit with her to set up a new blog, same platform, but new lifetime.  This one is on my personal email, so I can't transfer it, but I can show another person how to continue, so that members won't detect a difference, except in style and touch.

If you're feeling ready for a new adventure, here's one!

And thank you everyone for all the encouragement and appreciation you've given to your humble writer.  This includes the readers in other countries who occasionally get in touch to let me know they follow along.

I'm not going anywhere, will still stop in now and then at chapter meetings and stitch ins, but the blog will be on hiatus, until a new writer shows up.