Friday, July 24, 2015

The Princeton Embroiderers in Full Swing for the Summer, Home and Away

Stitch-in goes on, every Wednesday evening throughout the year, including high summer.  Here's  new prospective member, Tom, an accomplished stitcher and designer of his own work, at his first meeting

 This Santa figure is part of a large tree skirt, with a number of different versions of the Santa figure, each in its own panel.

and here's the new stitching that Sue T. has embarked on, for which she was discussing color selections with other members, at our most recent stitch-in.

And our outreach is at its peak, with the middle of the summer program, designed and presented by Ruth L. and Ginny H. for the children in the Plainsboro Public Library summer program.  

Ruth has led this for many years, always with a full registration and a waiting list, every summer. Some participants come year after year, and proudly bring their completed work from previous years to show us.

Four sessions, one per week,  of stitching on this year's theme of Local Color, brought in the theme of the local farm, the now defunct Walker Gordon, with the famous cows and the milking rotolactor, once the major employer of our small town.  

Here's the famous cow, a worldclass milker, who has  her own gravestone, marked You'll Do, Buttercup! on local land, as shown in their design, celebrating local color in the cultural sense!  She had a different stage name, once she became a beloved icon.

Ginny is a superb teacher, and here she is explaining to an engrossed group how color works, how to select your thread colors and harmonize your design.  

Helen H. one of the founders of our chapter, was there to assist in the teaching, too, patiently helping participants progress through their design decisions.  


A lot of learning in this seemingly simple artwork, from math to color relationships, to local history.

Ruth's daughter brought in a diorama to remind the group of the farming origins of our town.  Here's Ruth showing the setup.

And Nicoleta, a library professional who is also an accomplished stitcher, volunteers her time, too, each year to this program.  

Here we persuaded her to pose with one of her own small works, to show the level of expertise, and generosity in sharing, we're making available, free of charge, to our community, as Princeton EGA outreach in partnership with Plainsboro Public Library. 

Our next general meeting is the first Sunday in September, when Liz M. will teach the art of Temari Balls.  Meanwhile, there will be a daytime stitch-in the first Tuesday of August, 1-3 p.m. as well as the regular Wednesday evening stitch-ins.   Prospective members are warmly invited to check in with us, and join us at any of these events.Come as a guest, and decide if you'd like to join.