Sunday, September 22, 2013

Festival of the Arts, Plainsboro

Our Guild chapter took part in this huge event, and we thought you'd like to see a panorama of what went on!  the lady with the bouquet is one of our Presidents, Liz A. who's active in the art scene in the town, and you'll see there Ginny H. teaching, as always, at the stitchers' table.  Florence K and Florence L were there explaining about our chapter and our stitching, and Ruth L brought in works, too.  We put up a great showing for this outreach.

To see, go here:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Princeton Embroiderers First Post!

Welcome to the opening post on the Princeton Embroiderers' blog. We're a group of stitchers and friends, we welcome visitors to our monthly meetings and weekly stitch-ins, and our blog will show us at work, at play, and on the road!  To get in touch and ask for more information, email

Our October meeting, on the first Sunday, will be a talk on the Unicorn Tapestries in the Cloisters, the medieval section of the Metropolitan Museum of NY.

Currently we have a group exhibit, up for the month of September at the Mary Jacobs Library in Rocky Hill, and our blog admin. took pictures.  Eventually one of the library staff insisted on taking pix of her, too, and placed her in front of each side of the exhibit!  

Comments I heard in the course of the photo shoot:  what amazing work, look at that miniature quilt, and oh, is that blackwork?  and needlepoint?  It went over well with library patrons, and if you're local, come and see it, too.

So here's the gallery of pictures: