Thursday, July 14, 2016

Plainsboro Library Summer Stitching program 2016 is underway

With a full registration, yet again, the summer stitching program of Princeton Chapter EGA is under way, at Plainsboro Public Library

Here's Ruth L, who has led this program for many years, since its inception at her urging as an outreach effort for the Guild

 and Helen H., helping  the young stitchers as they produce their needlepointed works celebrating Descartes and the power of thinking!

Boys as well as girls are happy participants in this event every year, and at the September Festival of the Arts, where the chapter is also represented, young stitchers to come up and show us their finished works, proud parents in their wake, and  receive their certificates of completion, signed by Ruth.

This is one of our proud achievements as a chapter, too, to encourage a love of stitching to the next generation, and see how pleased the stitchers are with their product.