Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 2017 English Paper Piecing

Today's monthly program meeting (no meeting in January, because of snow) was presented by Ginny H  and Karen G, both adept in this old artform from the world of quilting.

They brought with them samples of old paper pieced fabrics to share and examine, showing that templates of paper were used, and fabric folded over to the back in hexagonal shapes, then the edges stitched and joined.

 I turned over the bottom right one to show the back, which was not necessarily very orderly! but the front is pristine.

reference books

modern paper pieced works of all sizes

and using the sample fabric selections they brought,  taught the embroiderers the art of manipulating fabric into hexagons, stitched together to create interesting color and print contrasts into honeycomb shapes. 

Carol P also brought in a quilt she made in the 70s, using similar techniques

and this is work in progress today, different artform. a needlepoint belt of her own design

and Karen showed us her newly completed motif in the pieced paper form

In the nineteenth century, a new fabric was brought to market, a cheater, which appeared to be pieced, but was in fact printed.  Jinny brought in a modern version of this type of fabric for our interest

This was an excursion into a different world of textile arts, linking us back to the past, probably early eighteenth century, up to the present adaptation of the form.

The March meeting will present Ginny with sashiko stitching, the program held over from the planned January meeting.  From England to Japan, stitchers without borders!