Monday, June 6, 2016

The Princeton Embroiderers End the Year with a Picnic

The Annual Princeton Chapter EGA picnic, ending the 2015-6 program year, was hosted yesterday by Carol G., with a great turnout, the official Pimms Cup toasts and wonderful potluck food.  

Over the summer, weekly Wednesday evening stitch ins will continue, and the general program meetings will resume in September.

Our tapes are in!  on sale for $20 per roll, currently in Liz A.'s custody, they'll come in to stitch ins and will be available.  The six Liz brought to the picnic were rapidly bought up, but don't worry, we have more.  It's a lovely design. 

This is the self stick tape you use to edge needlepoint canvas to prevent fraying and snagging, and the design is two way so that when you fold it over the edges, it shows the right way up on both sides. Sharon did the design and organized this process, and did a great job on it, thank you. 

Wishing all our members a great summer season of stitching and fun!