Sunday, March 6, 2016

Princeton Embroiderers visit Teneriffe, the lace, that is

Today was the monthly membership meeting, and the first session of a Group Correspondence Course sponsored by EGA, in which Ginny H. led the group in learning first steps in Teneriffe lace.

It's like weaving, and like bobbin lace, and like drawn threadwork, but it's none of the above.  A lovely fine thread form of needle art. Involving many yards of thread..and for your humble blogwriter, an afternoon of coping with tangles and knots while learning some new things.  

Starting place, with diagram,  and paper pattern presented by Ginny
Ginny cheerfully coping with a dozen beginning lacemakers!

Liz M. starting in here, with the instruction book at hand

Mary Frances working here

Some members, while the lace class was in session, were at work on their own projects. 

Carol F's wonderful floral design

Kamala B. with her current top favorite Ganesh

Carol G. stitching with Kreinik a little gift for a new family baby
Amy S, working on her exquisite needlepoint, but see also that sleeve!

Another lovely Sunday afternoon peacefully stitching with friends.And another adventure into the needlearts for most of us.