Monday, December 8, 2014

The Embroiderers Party On!

December 7th was the 2014 Holiday Party for the guild chapter, and a great evening it was.  

The location and arrangements were done by Carol P. with every detail in place, she makes it look easy,  and members with guests enjoyed an evening of  meeting new friends, renewing acquaintance with returning members, a show and tell of a huge array of stitching, including a wonderful weaving, and all kinds of treats.  Oh and there was a great dinner, among all these events!

On left, retiring co-President Karen G.

 Left facing camera, event organizer Carol P.

Second from right Recording Secretary Florence L. and far right Newsletter Editor, Annalee B.

 Left Secret Stitcher organizer Sally C., next to past President Marilyn B.

Florence K. honored her mother by wearing a necklace she'd created of a steelcut shoebuckle from the 1920s, with beads.  

 And Ruth L. brought in a series of photograph albums recording events from the chapter for many years back, including the outreach programs held annually under her direction in the Plainsboro Library's summer children's programs.

Ginny H. as usual wearing several hats as Membership Chair, Program Chair and Outreach, also organized gift bags for the whole group, and here's the array waiting to be distributed, 

 Florence L. approving the contents of her bag...then here's Ginny showing the kit she'd included, goldwork thread and Thai silk, courtesy of Carol P, which we'll work on probably at our next general meeting. 

Courtesy of Margaret K., there was also an apron ready to decorate with stitching or, probably in the case of your blogwriter, painting as well (!) and tree ornaments.

Sally C. organized a second year of Secret Stitcher, after this year's stitchers were revealed to each other, and they signed up to continue with new secret stitch partners.

Evie S., as usual, did a terrific job of presenting the work and calling on stitchers to talk about their own pieces, in a Show and Tell.  

Here Sally is putting last minute touches on the presentation table.

There were two full tables of this year's work on display, ranging from needlepoint to schwalm whitework, to crewel, to stumpwork, to goldwork, bargello, virtually a catalog of stitching styles. 

Jane S. also showed the gift bag she created for a future Regional event, with a stitching project and all the threads needed to complete it, together with other stitching items. As you see, she added, on the outside of the bag, a photograph and listing of the contents.

We did our usual collection for the local Food Bank, as part of our own celebration.

A guest, spouse of a stitcher, took the group pic you see here, of the assembly, complete with new and returning officers. 

Karen G., on her retirement as co-President, received her Past President's EGA pin, and both Presidents, one returning, were presented with flower centerpieces as a thank you for their terms.

On the right of the tree, standing, Helen H. incoming (and former) President, and regional representative, next to Jane S., who is a founder member along with Helen of this chapter, as well as stitching teacher to the world! and, seated at right continuing President Liz A.

Great party and once we've recovered, we're looking forward to the January program, Sunday January 4th at 1 p.m.,  which will be a visit to a private home to see a collection of Asian embroideries, followed, back at our meeting room, by a discussion of the kit we received at the party on how to design this goldwork project.

If you want to join us, and see if you'd like to become a member, remember to drop a line to the email address at the top of this post, and your blogwriter will get back to you with details on location, and an invitation to come meet us.