Monday, November 4, 2013

Princeton Chapter's group project

On permanent display in the public gallery of Plainsboro Town Hall is a banner created by the Princeton Chapter of EGA, and this is a small tribute to the great skills of the 23 members -- one, Jane Sweeney, still very active in the chapter -- who created this artwork.

Here's the whole banner, seen from the side


And the top segments


Middle segments


And the bottom segments

 It includes many forms of embroidery, from Jane's blackwork, to Mountmellick whitework, pulled work, canvas, and crewel.  It features several ways of depicting the Mercer Oak, an iconic symbol of the Princeton region, relating to the Battle of Princeton, a turning point of the Revolutionary War.  Also to be seen is the Eastern Goldfinch, the New Jersey state bird, and the violet, the state flower.  There's a lot to see!

The piece is hung in an area too narrow to back up and get a front image of it all, so I photographed it from the side, and then did segments, so as to include all the parts.You'll see overlap if you study the three pictures.  

And here's a picture of the accompanying literature explaining the planning, and naming the participants.  their names and the form of embroidery they used are shown in a grid which correlates to the banner itself, so you can see who did what and how. Click on pictures to see better.

  Browse and enjoy!