Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stitch in Public Event At Monroe Township Library

The embroiderers were joined by several dozen spectators this afternoon at their Stitch in Public Day, where members of the Guild came along to work on their current stitching, show off finished stitched projects 

and encourage onlookers to learn more and maybe join us. 

Our sign up sheets were filled, and we really hope the interest we saw today results in new members, who will be very welcome.

Florence L. organized the event, along with Lauren the librarian who now jokes that her second job seems  to be the stitching admin!  She created the flyer and set it up on display,

and arranged to have furniture set out
in a friendly layout so that people could come, ask questions, watch, and generally enjoy the afternoon along with the guild members. She kept a friendly eye on activities all afternoon, which is probably why it went so smoothly.

Guild members, here's Ginny at work in typical generous teaching mode,  also advised one another about works in progress, one of the  characteristics of this group, where one member who has completed a project gladly shares her learning with the next person trying it.

We also came up with a suggestion for an upcoming Guild program, to be taught by Liz A, on making paper beads!  just as a little diversion from serious projects.  So that may happen.  The idea arose from seeing Liz's bag of handmade beads (seen here on the end of the setup table with cardboard loom) she was using to weave as a part of the bigger tapestry ongoing in the library at Plainsboro, where she's doing an Artist in Residence stint.

The Monroe library has terrific lighting for stitching, and a big crowd of Sunday afternoon library goers. In fact the pix don't show crowds because your blog photographer was busy with questions during crowded periods, and had to seize the day for pictures when things were quieter.

We think we must do this again.  Particularly at the beginning of spring when people are thinking of getting out and about again.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Princeton EGA March program meeting

Despite grim weather forecasts, the meeting went ahead, and Ginny Hallock presented the Gilded Star, a project using perforated paper, flosses and beads, to create an ornament.  She made up all the kits, with choices of red, green, or white paper and spent the afternoon coaching us in the project, for some of us a first in working on perforated paper.

Karen G. showed us a needlework box, made in many parts, a simplified version of which might be in our program future.  

It's architecture as much as stitching, interesting to create and assemble.

Carol P. just got back from a visit to family in Thailand, bringing with her Thai embroidered items to show the group. 

One purse is in the finest cross stitch, in traditional designs, the other a folk design.  One of the members'  dolls was caught in this picture, but she's not part of the Thai display.

The April meeting will bring us Carol P. presenting and teaching Schwarm embroidery, which she is studying in Germany before we see her again for the meeting.  Here's her current work in progress, and books of instructions on the technique.

She'll bring back kits and expertise to share with our members.  A  fine needlewoman herself, with a special interest in the white-on-white family of work,  Carol is,  as you see from the work in progress, skilled in Schwarm, too.  She's also done beautiful Hardanger work in the last year, one piece of which formed the ring pillow for her daughter's recent wedding.

Schwarm embroidery will probably form the program for the May meeting, too, since this is a complex and time consuming stitching approach and will probably need two sessions to get us established in working with it. 

Local needleworkers interested in coming along, please just email us at the address given in the header, so we can give you exact location, mark your calendar for the first Sunday in April, 1-4 p.m.or any Wednesday evening 7-9 p.m. and you'll be made very welcome.