Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Guild Looks back at the Armory Red and White Quilt show and forward to October and Goldwork

Several exciting topics to bring to you today.  

Yesterday at stitch-in Ginny showed us the magnificent catalog raisonne which she just received in the mail yesterday, of a Red and White Quilt Show some of our members went in to see at the Armory.  To be exact:

Red and White Quilts: Infinite Variety: Presented by The American Folk Art Museum

by Elizabeth Warren and Maggi Gordon

The venue, the Armory, alone tells you this was a huge event, hundreds of red and white quilts, spanning three centuries, the collection of one woman, wanting to have them seen and enjoyed.  The American Folk Art Museum was also involved, and the catalog, the book you see pictured below, is itself an artwork. 

Here are: the cover giving you the exact title, a sample of pages, and at the bottom the view of the exhibit itself as shown in the book. Ginny and Karen G. both have copies, and maybe they will bring them in for us to see again.

And today, Mary Corbet gives us a post about Dorset buttons, a few of which many of you have seen in progress at stitch ins in the last few months, as Liz created them for use in a bigger artwork. To see some wonderful examples Mary's showing us, as well as ideas on how to not only make but use them, go here

And looking ahead:  our October program meeting, Sunday October 4,  on goldwork will be led, by Carol P, with assistance from Liz A.  Carol will be be using the kits you received at the holiday party in those little silk purses, the Thai silk and gold thread. Liz has also been working on a small goldwork motif for people wanting to stitch something in goldwork in addition to Carol's introductory design, and will present that to you too.  

Please be sure and bring any materials you had from our Mendham goldwork adventure, particularly the piece of velvet (you'll see why you need the velvet when Liz shows you her ideas).  Okay if you don't have them, we'll supply.  Look for an email from Carol soon (she's still in Thailand) with more information.  The date, again, is Sunday October 4, 1-4. 

Meantime, next Wednesday, September 30th, is our Board Meeting, 7-9 pm. at stitch in.  The first Tuesday daytime stitch in will be two days after the general meeting, on October 6, 1-3.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Guild Parties On!

Today was the annual Festival of the Arts at the Plainsboro Public Library, and our chapter was represented by stitchers, their work, work in progress, books on embroidery, and flyers about our activities.  

Tayra brought her family, and started the afternoon with a bit of crewelwork with her daughter, after setting out Christmas stockings and wonderful stitched 3D pictures, and Evie brought in some marvelous work in a variety of stitching and forms.  Many admirers of Tayra and Evie's work over the afternoon.

I brought examples of goldwork, and needlepoint, and schwarm whitework.  Sorry, the location in front of windows made pix almost impossible!  great for other purposes,though.

Ruth was there, signing certificates of completion for young stitchers who had taken part in our summer stitching classes and came back with their completed work to show us.  

Many interested stoppers by and potential EGA members, too.  Anyway, it was a busy day, and that's why there are few pictures of us in stitching action, since once the people started arriving there was no time for pix!  We were demonstrating and explaining and generally being busy with the people, so bear with the lack of stitching visuals.  I took a couple before the people started arriving.

And I did a lot  that I can share both with the library and with you, of all the other activities of the day.  As usual, great weather, we're usually very lucky there, and happy people taking part in art forms they never thought they'd try. 

Setting up outside are the Chinese brush painters explaining to Library Director Carol what they are planning

And Art Lee, with his found objects ready to demo and assist with Sustainable Art from Found Objects! later it went like this

Those sections of bamboo in the background? they became wind chimes in the hands of handy festival goers  and the Twirling and Baton Tossing was in full swing all day

Nelly demonstrated Wet Felting to a happy group

 And young mandala makers worked with Julia

While nearby, mehndi painting went on

 and Alison again taught knotted jewelry making to a crowd

 And two young men took charge of the big loom for community weavings

The Chinese painters got under way, making bookmarks with your name in Chinese characters, and showing other forms of brush painting

And the little guys played happily with the giant Legos

The blockbuster of the Festival

Tatiana's Butterfly Installation, hundreds of butterflies created in the summer program by her young students, and her own creations, too, fluttered in the wind on the big windows, a huge success from both sides of the glass!

EGA Outreach at its best! and many thanks to the stitchers who came out and took part and helped us put our best foot forward. And to Donna S, of the Library,  who every year pulls all these moving parts into one whole and successful day.