Monday, December 7, 2015

Princeton EGA celebrates the holidays

This year's Holiday Party also fell on the first day of Hanukkah, so it spanned the holiday season, and was a great party as always.

Helen H. hosted us, and members brought greetings to distribute, food items for donation to a local foodbank, and great stitching (and knitting and weaving!) projects to talk about and share.  And Ginny gave out gift bags with raw material for the upcoming wool on wool January program to members.

Happy to see Kamala, who can only occasionally be with us, but welcome when she does, seen here on the left

Sally, our Secret Stitcher leader, in the middle here, discusses projects with Carol, a welcome guest and student of Jane's stitching classes, while I take a secret picture under the table of Margaret K's secret stitcher project which had not yet been presented to its recipient, Jane.

Jane S., the Stitch Doctor, and co founder of our chapter, has taught many members of our chapter over the years.  And she brings guests, including Amy, who stitched a tour de force of a work, about the firehouse at which her husband volunteers as a firefighter. 

She customized the design to reflect the actual firehouse, and backed the stitching with actual firehose. Years in the making, it was wonderful to see this work completed.  

You see Amy second from the left in this pic with husband, then reading across, two guests, then Sharon our weaver, then Karen and Ginny. Foreground Cynthia C., long time and excellent stitcher,  and back view, sorry, of Marylin, former president of the chapter.

Evie S. did a great show and tell, inviting the stitchers to talk about their work, and send it around the room for closer viewing. 

She showed the group the Chinese Club project, which Ginny has designed and created for outreach to a local high school club at which several of our members assist in stitching skills.  They are very happy to have Florence L. along, too, since she's a left handed stitcher and can advise students with a dominant left hand.

Here's Jane in the background on the left, as Evie shows Jane's mermaid work, which has to be seen to be really appreciated, amazing stitching skills.

Karen, seated, is visiting with Carol G, and Helen, is on the right, making sure all is running well!

Helen is current Chapter President with Liz A., and founder, along with Jane,  of this chapter which will be 40 years old next year.

Tom sported a wonderfully festive vest!  

his Santa tree skirt you've seen in here before is currently in action at his home, where this weekend he and partner took part in the neighborhood open house, and 500 people went through admiring the decorations.

Tayra B. brought in these four stockings, one for each daughter, and is in the process of making two more, for the parents! 

Sharon, our weaving member, brought in several scarves, in materials ranging from silk to wool to linen to rayon.  

You have to handle these scarves to understand them better as artworks, since they respond and drape to your touch.

A great time for all of us, and our guests. Happy Holidays, everyone, and looking forward to a great New Year.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Party reminders and stitching in need of a home

For updates and reminders on the  Princeton Chapter EGA Holiday Party, upcoming Sunday, December 6 at 6 p.m. Windrows, see your current email, members.

In there we also have notes on the programs for January and February.  

Sunday, January 3rd, 1-4 p.m.,  is stitching in wool on wool, led by Ginny, and participants need to bring regular stitching supplies.  Ginny has a lot of materials and ideas to distribute at the meeting.

The February meeting, Sunday February 7th, 1-4, will be a presentation, lecture and workshop by our textile expert member, Lyna Wiggins, on redwork in quilts and in stitching.

Meanwhile, Liz M has presented to the chapter, and now to the stash, a couple of lovely needlepointed works in need of a good home with a stitcher who would like to complete them.  See them here

This one is a detail only of the work, probably a piano bench pillow, long and narrow, very beautiful design, well worth some tlc.

Carol G. has finished the stitching of a beautiful piece, destined for her daughter's home, and here's just a detail of it.  Note it's from a favorite designer.

When it's made up into a pillow, there will be another pic for you. 

See you on Sunday, and for those members who can't make it there, see you at stitch-in.